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Become a member of The Tradecraft Plumber Guild and get Free CE classes as a member benefit.

Member Dues are $100 for plumbers (2 years) and $50 for trainees (1 year).

The cost to you is the same whether you join the guild or not - So you might as well join up!

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Einstein: "If I had my life to live over again, I'd be a plumber."  

Welcome to the Tradecraft Plumber Guild and Tradecraft University. We are the association of licensed plumbers in Washington State that have an interest in preserving the value of our licenses through education, legislation and consumer awareness.

If you are a licensed plumber, trainee or plumbing contractor you realize how much of our work is being stolen by those that wish to take our work from us. We as individuals hold the licence to perform plumbing work in this state. Unfortunately, due to lack of license enforcement and consumer awareness, anybody that wishes to advertise or perform plumbing work without the required certifications is unfairly competing with us. Those of us that have spent years getting trained and certified have the right to demand protection of the license.  If the plumber licensing laws are not enforced the license has no value. As individuals we have no power to do anything about the situation. It is time we had a voice in this.  "United We Stand - Divided We Fall"  is true in our current situation

There are almost 8000 licensed plumbers and trainees in this state. As individuals we can do nothing. As a group we have significant power to influence the way the public and our government treats us. Tradecraft University is where we can educate ourselves and communicate with each in order to maintain the integrity of our profession. Plumbers may not be Einsteins but we are smart enough to know that if we do not organize now there won't be a professional licensed plumber, there will only be the unskilled and the unscrupulous claiming to be one.

Free Continuing Education for Washington State Plumber License Renewal.

All tradecraft CE classes are tuition-free to Tradecraft Guild members. Join us at less cost than just getting your CE credits elsewhere and have a voice in protecting the value of your license at the same time.

Tradecraft University is the on-line continuing education school for licensed plumbers and plumber trainees in Washington State. This web school was founded by, and administered by Evan Conklin. Evan is a licensed journeyman plumber and plumbing contractor in Seattle. He has been in the trade for over 37 years. He is actively involved in new legislation that would make it more difficult to advertise and perform plumbing work in Washington State without a license.

It is hoped that Tradecraft University can provide useful and interesting trade education to those that desire it. Additional courses are in the works. Electrical courses for plumbers are the current priority. Service plumbing skill training is sadly lacking today. Hot water heating equipment is becoming more complex with more electrical and electronic components involved. Plumbers need to learn how this equipment works in order to diagnose problems and repair this type of equipment. If we do not make efforts to hold onto hot water heaters we will lose them. The HVAC trade is actively trying to take water heaters away from licensed plumbers legislatively. We need to protect the work we do. We will add more diagnostic classes as time and funding will allow. The more members we have the more we can do.


Become a member of The Tradecraft Plumber Guild and get Free CE classes as a member benefit.

Member Dues are $100 for plumbers (2 years) and $50 for trainees (1 year).

Membership includes:

Plumber Course - 16 hours Washington State certified CE credit including 4 hours electrical

Trainee Course  - 8 hours CE credit including 4 hours electrical

Additional classes are available that are non-certified for CE credit. Non-certified classes are for those of us that simply wish to review or learn on our own.

What is going on besides Washington State plumber continuing education at Tradecraft University?  Check out the Tradecraft Plumber Guild

Membership Options:

Once tuition is paid the administrator will be notified. He must validate your enrollment before you can access the courses. It may take a few minutes or a few hours depending upon whether he is is at the computer when you register. A new menu will be shown at the top of the page on the horizontal blue menu bar giving access to the classes once the Admin has validated your enrollment.

Evan is a member of Washington Advisory Board of Plumbers and is the Legislative Chairman for the PHCC WA.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this site you are invited to contact Evan Conklin at:

Evan Conklin Plumbing & Heating Inc. PO Box 17345 Seattle WA 98127

Tel: 206 281-8855      email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Evan Conklin (Administrator): "If I had my life to live over again, I'd be an Einstein."